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Custom Awnings in Calgary Spread Your Name & Good Will

What better a way to attract future clients than by offering them shelter from the rain, snow or sun under your own custom storefront awning. Also, a custom awning from ASAP Signs Inc. rises above the passing traffic to identify your location and proclaim your professional image.

With a choice of most any shape, size or design, you can make your front awning part or all of your business signage. From sleek and minimalist to bright and attention grabbing, the right awning integrates itself into your total advertising strategy.

About Our Awnings
Awnings are metal (usually aluminum) structures with fabric covering that will go over doors or windows of buildings to add protection from the elements. Often, they will have lettering and logos on them and serve as the signage for your business. They can also simply be functional or decorative. Awnings can also be internally lit.

ASAP Signs Inc. has designed distinctive awnings for a wide variety of well-known clients in Calgary and Alberta, such as Dollar Bazaar and Doral Manor condos. We make the process of custom designing through installation quick and worry free. Visit or call us in Calgary to begin today.