The Panel Signs Calgary Displays to Get the Message Across

Panel Signs:
If you need a simple and effective non-lit sign, panel signs are a good option. They can be made from various materials; the most common being Crezon (a paper-smooth, painted plywood) and Alupanel®, (an aluminum plastic composite sheet) that can be attached to most surfaces. Due to these materials coming in 4'x8' sheets, you will have seams in your sign if you make them larger than 4'x8'.

Now, if you want a panel sign without any seams, you can fashion your sign out of an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet and put it in an aluminum extruded frame. These plastics come in rolls as wide as 100"h and 50'w, so you can make a very large sign without seams. Other options can be custom-fabricated, as well. On your panel signs you can add vinyl-cut or printed graphics, or even 3D lettering if you want to add a little more punch.

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