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A Glimpse into Our Building Signage Gallery

With the right blend of building signs, you can increase visibility and enhance visitors’ experience in your building. ASAP Signs has a professional and certified team who create various building signs in Alberta according to your needs and demands. Visit our building signage gallery below to get a glance at our work.

a view of channel letter signage

Channel letter building signs can be customized using an array of colours and fonts and offer a great level of customization that few other types of signs can offer. They can be lit in a variety of ways, using different positioning and sources of illumination to make your building sign stand out.

a view of cabinet signage

Cabinet signs, also known as box signs or wall signs, are normally mounted to the outside of a building. Cabinet signs have two lighting options: one-sided, where only a single side of the sign illuminates, or double-sided, where both sides of the sign light up called a projection sign. Many recognizable cabinet signs, such as those on restaurants, are one-sided, but if you choose to have your cabinet sign mounted to a pole or perpendicular to a wall, a double-sided sign will serve your business well.

a view of neon signage

Illuminated neon/LED signs can help your business stand out with highly visible lettering and logos. Suitable for commercial branding, monument signs, or anywhere else that you want to draw attention to!

View of dimensional signage

Dimensional lettering signs are raised and offer visual depth. They can serve various purposes — they can help locate your building or allow for internal wayfinding.

a view of awnings signage

Awnings are typically attached above a door and/or window of a building for weather protection, aesthetics and information. Awnings are often found in cafes, restaurants, and hotels!

a view of projecting signage

When storefront space is limited and pedestrian traffic can be condensed, a projection sign is a great option to get your business noticed!

a view of beautiful wood signage

Unique and beautiful, our custom wood signs are a great way to stand out with your signage!

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are commonly seen on business storefronts. Their letters and logos are individually lit — usually with LED lights.


Halo letters are also made with individual letters, but offset from the building and illuminated by lights that shine back at the building — creating a halo-like glow around the letters at night.


Shaped cabinets are cabinet lights — similar to the rectangular variety — but shaped as a logo or the outline of the letters of the sign.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are an economical choice for shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other small businesses. They can be square or rectangular, with plastic faces featuring full-colour logos and lettering, lit from within.


Push-through letter cabinets have 3D letters and logos, with the option of illuminated faces or edges.


Electronic Message Centres (EMC) communicate information through LED-illuminated animations and graphics.

Neon Signs

Neon signs can give building interiors and exteriors an attractive vintage look. A cost-effective and practical alternative is LED-lit “neon” signs that can recreate the look of neon. Most modern “neon” signs are lit using LED lighting.

Dimensional Signs

3D signs are composed of individual letters and logos in a variety of materials. These signs are commonly seen on business exteriors and storefronts and on interior reception area walls.


Awnings can do more than shelter customers from the elements. They can also double as signage for your business. Our awnings are metal (usually aluminum) covered in fabric and installed over doors and windows. Lighting options are available.

Projecting Signs

Projecting signs are attached at a 90° angle to a wall or building, so they can be viewed by customers approaching from either side. These signs can be lit or unlit, are available in a variety of materials, and are suited to interior and exterior use.

Wood-carved Signs

Wood-carved signs can add timeless charm and heritage feel to your business or property. These types of signs are very popular in Alberta’s resort communities, such as Banff and Canmore.


Sandblasted signs provide a faux wood-carved appearance, using wood, high-density urethane (HDU), or foam as the substrate, with raised letters or graphics.


Many customers choose to lease their signage. In fact, 85% of businesses in Canada choose to lease all sorts of equipment, and that includes their signs.


Businesses decide to choose lease financing for a whole host of reasons over other types of financing. Some use leasing because of the speed and ease, while others want to conserve cash or lines of credit for more strategic initiatives.

Here Are a Few of the Benefits of Leasing:

  • It’s quick! The documentation is simple, and the approval process is fast.

  • 100% financing! Why not conserve your bank credit and your cash?

  • It’s flexible. Payment frequencies can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. We make it work for you.

  • Allows you to upgrade. Your business needs change, so your signs may too.

  • There may be tax advantages. Leases are considered a direct expense to your business.
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