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A Little Peek into Our Office Signage Gallery

Whether you want a corporate door sign, an executive nameplate, or custom cubicle signs, ASAP Signs is here to fulfil all your office signage needs. We design almost all kinds of office signs needed for a professional setting. Have a look at our gallery to see what we have worked on so far.

Business-oriented Office Signs in Calgary

allan centre reception signage with company logo


Letters and logos in glass, acrylic, or brushed metals.

a view of directory signage at commercial place


List the businesses and organizations at the location.

a view of window signage at clinic


Full-colour logos, announcements, and special offers.

a view of wall signage

Wall Signs

Wall graphics for shop, restaurant, and office interiors.

Reception Signs

Reception signs are a common sight on the walls of office reception areas, and can be individual letters and logos, or letters and logos attached to panels. These signs are commonly made of acrylic, and brushed metals, and often fastened to walls using architectural metal standoffs.



Directories are the wall-mounted signs you see when you enter building lobbies. They list the tenant businesses and organizations, with unit and floor numbers to direct you. Directories are essential for office buildings, shopping malls, and college campuses.


Vista System is a modular extruded aluminum sign system with a changeable message area that can be used for wayfinding.


Window Signs

Window signs include custom window decals and graphics that can be applied to any glass surface. They turn your windows into advertising, and are often used for products, services, and store openings.

Wall Signs

Wall signs can transform interiors, serving as decoration and branding in spaces like offices, shops, and restaurants. All wall graphics are custom designed using high-quality vinyl, and can include art, text, and graphic elements.


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