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What Does Superhero Service Mean to You?



Dany is the President and owner of IDENT Group which operates IDENT Oil and Gas Signage, along with ASAP Signs. Besides his passion for delivering quality service and helping clients find creative solutions to their branding needs, Dany is also passionate about building a purpose-driven company culture that inspires employees to develop and grow personally and professionally.


Dany’s formal education is in General Business Marketing with a Sales background but what’s really key is his deep roots in graphics and signage printing. With over 35 years of experience and second generation in the business, he’s certainly an expert in delivering quality signage. Beyond his expertise in all things signs, Dany has 18 years of experience in the distribution of printing supplies and equipment, so he really does get every faucet of the industry.



Rob is the original founder and past owner of ASAP Signs. Rob started ASAP Signs with the intent of building into a franchise but seeing a need to help community brands really stand out, he soon shifted into the building and electric sign market. Taking the business into flight, he grew the business from a solo operation to a team of 20 and has helped world-class brands with their signage needs, including Amazon and Intact Insurance. Rob believes that great service comes from going above and beyond to exceed expectations.


Rob has a Business of Commerce Degree in Marketing and has served on the board of the Alberta Sign Association for 11 years. Not only is he an expert in design, manufacturing, and installation of superhero signs, he is knowledgeable about the industrial policy that governs the sign industry.


Mike // Operations Manager

Mike // Estimator

“Above and beyond the rest - doing the extraordinary.”

Samm // Production Coordinator & Estimator

Samm // Production Manager 

“Being so efficient the customer thinks we must have real superpowers.”


Christina // Art Department Lead & Estimator

“Fast and dependable.”


Bessie // Graphic Artist

“Punctual in everything we do.”


Jason // Fabrication & Welding

“Going the extra step to put out a perfect product.”


Josh // Digital Print Operator

“Being efficient, quick and correct.”


John // Digital Print & Cut Operator

“Getting the order out on time the way the customer wants it - simply being the best.”


Paul // Graphic Layup & Vinyl Installation

“Selfishly putting the customer first.”


Zack // Digital Print Operator

“Treating everyone the way you want to be treated.”


Khalid // Installer

“When the customer is happy, I am happy.”


Dave // Shipping & Receiving

“Better to under promise and over achieve than to over promise and under achieve.”


Blaine // Installer

“Installing the perfect sign makes me feel like a superhero!”



Andrea // Accounting Manager

“Great product knowledge and a passion for what you’re doing and caring for the customer.”


Mary // Accounts Receivable

“Going the extra mile above and beyond.”


Hanna // Accounting Assistant

“Meeting and surpassing customer needs and expectations”

Sales & Marketing


Penny // Lead Account Manager

“Making it as easy as possible for clients to deal with us.”


Derrick // Account Manager

“Solving customer problems in a single bound.”


Jason C // Account Manager

“Going above and beyond expectations and anticipating customer needs.”

Moral Support

Angus Mcduff

Angus McDuff // Chief Canine Officer

“My superpower is knowing when my people need a bit of extra love – I walk the office ensuring everyone gets their personal attention and cuddles so they can recharge their superpowers!”

Tilly McDuff

Tilly McDuff // Barketing Associate

“My high energy gets everyone excited and revved up. I let the team know when someone is here so we can offer super-fast service!

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