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Qualified and Professional Sign Installer Across Calgary

ASAP Signs is the trusted sign installer in Calgary. We’re about more than just speed. We’re accountable, skilled, accommodating, and professional (just another way we like to think of ASAP). We’ll take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Building Sign Repair and Service

Signs play an essential role in improving the visibility of a business. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your signage stays intact for a long time. ASAP Signs offers a wide range of sign repair and maintenance services to protect your signage against environmental and other conditions that can impact the performance or quality of your signs. 

With an experienced team and a variety of professional equipment, we ensure that your signage and marketing efforts are going in the right direction of growing your business and attracting potential customers. You can rely on us to breathe new life into your signs and help revitalize your business.

Repairs and Services We Can Help With:

  • All building sign repairs
  • Burnt out lights
  • Broken LED lights 
  • Channel letter sign repair 
  • Pylon and monument (ground sign) repair 
  • Awning repair 
  • Illuminated (lighted/LED) sign repair 
  • Non-illuminated sign repair 
  • Removal of old signage 
  • Painting of current signage

Factors Causing Sign Damage

Here are some of the common factors that can damage your outdoor signage:

  • Extreme weather conditions such a storm or hail 
  • Vandalism resulting in broken signs or graffiti
  • Colour fading due to exposure to UV light
  • Damage caused by vehicle accidents
  • Daily wear and tear

Benefits of Sign Repair

Getting your signage repaired or maintained by professionals can help you:

  • Increase its lifespan
  • Maintain a positive image of your business
  • Protect your investment
  • Ensure you are found by your potential customers

Anywhere. Any Sign.

We produce, install, and service signs across Canada — and in the United States through our network of qualified partners.

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First impressions start here. Dream big and tell us what you have in mind. Our team will listen and get the details right.

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We’ll do it by the book. Zoning and guidelines will be reviewed, so you don’t suffer delays.

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Specifications, industry standards, and quality checks? We’ll exceed your expectations.

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Just tell us where you want it. Our team has the skills and smarts to make it happen.

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Maintenance & Retrofit

Signs need upkeep too. We’ve got the tools, skills and parts to keep your sign in tip-top shape.

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We build signs to last. With quality work and warranty packages, you’re covered with ASAP.


Many customers choose to lease their signage. In fact, 85% of businesses in Canada choose to lease all sorts of equipment and that includes their signs.


Businesses decide to choose lease financing for a whole host of reasons over other types of financing. Some use leasing because of the speed and ease, while others want to conserve cash, or lines of credit for more strategic initiatives.

Here Are a Few of the Benefits of Leasing:

  • It’s quick! The documentation is simple and the approval process is fast.

  • 100% financing! Why not conserve your bank credit and your cash?

  • It’s flexible. Payment frequencies can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. We make it work for you.

  • Allows you to upgrade. Your business needs change so your signs may too.

  • There may be tax advantages. Leases are considered a direct expense to your business.
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