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LED Signage for All Commercial Settings

Our LED signage is available in a variety of pixel pitches and sizes to meet the specific requirements and budgets of each client. You can explore our range of video walls, from stairways to billboards to pylon signage. Whether you want to buy or rent, we can fulfill all your needs, from small signs to large billboards adjusted to different light conditions. Here are some of the options you can choose from.


ASAP Signs is the exclusive UTG Digital Media's reseller in Alberta. UTG Digital Media specializes in indoor and outdoor commercial grade all-in-one digital displays with features to suite the needs of almost every industry! Find out more about UTG Digital Media at or check out below for more Information. 


Contact us today for a complimentry consultation and quote on your project! 

Photo of an outdoor LED pylon in a park

Outdoor LED Pylons

Eye catching signs that will bring in people from the road and street, ensuring you are easily found. 

Photo of an indoor stadium Ad display

LED Ribbon Display

A high-quality and durable product to ensure long-term stability.

LED Ticker display inside a clothing store

LED Ticker

Available in all shapes and sizes suitable for any industry.

Image of an infographic

How to Choose the Right LED

Here is how you can select the perfect LED sign for your business.

Outdoor LED Pylons

These LED pylons come with wireless control systems and Sync and Async features for a seamless operation. They have a live stream feature and dual maintenance modules for simple front replacement. In addition, they are energy-efficient and come with an automatic light sensor to control the brightness. 


LED Ribbon Display 

LED ribbon displays are particularly designed to meet the specific requirements of outdoor venues such as stadiums. Whether you want to display advertisements, promotions, animations, or scores, these ribbon board displays offer a bright, uniform visual that elevates the game-day experience.


LED Ticker

LED tickers utilize high-resolution visualization for text/animation messaging that is designed to provide one or multiple lines of prominent information to engage and notify your audience. They can also display multiple lines of information simultaneously, offering an ideal solution for advertising on one line while broadcasting stock and financial news on another!


How to Choose the Right LED

Investing in the ideal LED display type can benefit you in the long run. Depending on the sort of company or product you are promoting or the message you are trying to get across, the correct form of display for you will vary. 


Here are some characteristics that can help you choose the right LED for your business:


  • Type: There are usually two types of LED displays-monochrome, which produce a single shade and full colour, which is used for producing multi-coloured effects.

  • Pixel: Each pixel consists of one or more diodes. The more diodes are there in a pixel, and the more pixels are there on display, the higher the resolution will be. Smaller pixel pitches improve picture quality but are also more expensive. The ideal viewing distance for pixel pitch is when your eyes can't notice the spaces between pixels.

  • Pitch: It is the distance from one pixel to another. The closer the distance, the higher the resolution and sharpness of the image. P6 LED modules (6 mm pitch) are common for indoor LED signs with image/video integration. P4 LED modules (4 mm pitch) are suitable for a closer view. P8 or P10 modules (8mm and 10 mm pixel pitch) are suggested for short viewing distances, and P16 modules (16 mm pitch) for far viewing distances.

  • Viewing angle: The viewing angle is the greatest angle at which a display may be seen properly. A 120-degree angle indicates that the display may be read 60 degrees from the center. For every 100 ft of viewing range, you require 2 inches of character height.

Finding the right LED is not a hard and fast rule. You can try the trial and method, keeping the above points in mind and see what works for you. For more information, feel free to contact ASAP Signs.


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