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Touch Screen Signage for All Commercial Settings

Our touch screens are high-quality displays ranging from 10” to 120”. You get a bunch of options from wall-mounted to free-standing screens that are compatible with both Android and Windows OS. Our high-performance touch screens are appropriate for a wide range of industries, and they're easy to use and maintain.


ASAP Signs is the exclusive UTG Digital Media's reseller in Alberta. UTG Digital Media specializes in indoor and outdoor commercial grade all-in-one digital displays with features to suite the needs of almost every industry! Find out more about UTG Digital Media at or check out below for more Information. 


Contact us today for a complimentry consultation and quote on your project! 

Close up shot a touch display placed on the back of a carseat


Advanced technology with customizable designs.

Photo of an adjustable screen indoors


Adjustable digital kiosk with visually appealing design and advanced digital technology.

Close up photo of an angled LED touch screen


Provides an interactive and engaging experience with just the touch of a hand.

Photo of a free-standing screen


Multi-purpose digital displays to engage the audience.

Wall-mounted Screen

In a stylish and cost-effective design, wall-mounted LED touch screen digital displays offer advanced all-in-one technology. They come with a number of useful and adaptable features, as well as software that can be customized to meet your own requirements. You'll be able to communicate with consumers in ways that go above and beyond today's modern conditions. 


Angled Screen

Digital displays with angled LED touch screens offer an innovative solution in an aerodynamic, cost-effective package. The anti-glare technology offers visibility from 180° angles and unique software that can be easily adjusted. With elegant, angled displays and contemporary elegance, our industry-leading software makes it easy to reach your target audience.


Adjustable Screen

These digital kiosks include LED touch screens that can be adjusted to fit any space. Advanced anti-glare technology gives 180° visibility, and unique software adapts to precisely display your specific needs. Your customers will be delighted by the innovative digital kiosk, which offers a modern feel with a sleek, contemporary design.


Free-standing Screen

To effectively captivate and engage your audience, choose one of these innovative LED touch screen free-standing displays. With multiple touchpoints, it offers an all-in-one touch screen, which also features specialist anti-glare technology and intelligent software that adjusts to your specific needs. 


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